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Our Services

We are passionate about providing the greatest promotional staff for all different kinds of events and plublicity. We aim to give you the best possible services whilst keeping the costs down.   


Regional Offices





Exhibition Displays

A team, to set up and take down exhibition displays. Designers that have created stands for our clients such as:


 Universal Group Direct

 Calor Gas



Product Sampling

Carrot Promotions have a team of enthusiastic and knowledgable staff including Professional Chefs for our cooking demos, bringing skill and flair to attact attention and educate passers by.  Supported by a lively ambassador team handing out samples and free gifts.


You can expect to see a significant increase in sales when Carrot Promotion are demonstrating in-store, few other marketing techniques are as successful as product sampling with questions answered and feedback from consumers available  instantly

Guerilla Marketing

Fun, memorable, spontaneous marketing campaigns that get brands talked about and drive sales.


Promotional Trailers

5 Promotional Trailers, which can be used for exhibitions, agricultural shows and major outdoors functions. These lightweight, highly manoeuvrable trailers can be used in constant sales.

Contact Us

105 Upper Malone Road,
Belfast, BT9 6UF

T: +44 (0)28 90 876 807
E: info@carrotpromotions.com